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Darian Volkova is widely known in the ballet world. She is a St. Petersburg based photography artist, a ballerina at Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet, and a continuous explorer of the unique field of ballet photography.

Through her work the art of ballet speaks for itself. Her photo stories reflect the plasticity of the artistic form, the exquisite lines of choreography, the dynamics and images of sculptured static moments, the results of strenuous daily work of ballet performers, and their inspiring movement and flight.

As a ballet photographer Darian Volkova captures and transforms into lasting memories the work of prima ballerinas and lead performers of such prestigious and famous theaters as Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, Bolshoi Theatre, Perm Theatre and many others.

She has worked at theaters in Germany, France, Austria, Island, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and Italy.


The Washington Post, Instagram Blog, Metro, Practical Photography, BalletInsider, Harper's BAZAAR, ELLE, Broadway Dance Magazine, eToday, CPANet, The Post Internazionale, НТВ, Губерния, Anna Pavlova Network, ADME, Kurier, My Modern Met, Metropoles, Fujifilm X-Photographers, Russia Beyond the Headlines, Big Picture, gbTimes, The 6 million dollar story, Design collector, Dance Spirit, Lense.

How we work?
Today internet, international communication, fly companies and post service can help to increase your brand.

1. Brief
We talk about your products and what a special project we can made. Any possibles, the terms of reference, objectives, KPI, wishes spectrum for made it best and relevant.

2. Execution
Agree upon the formal details, get your goods by post or courier (or with yourself or you can book me to your place), prepayment, organize and carry out shooting, process all the material.
You do nothing. Just wait results.

3. Profit
Use photos and videos for SMM, editorial, advertise, marketing, packing, TV. Anywhere.

P.S. I also can post it in my IG. And give your products to some influencers in Russia. Or use in my projects.

Beautiful professional ballet dancers from Russia
Prima ballerinas, soloists, principal dancers, professionals and students from Mariinsky, Mikhaylovsky,
Bolshoi and Hermitage Theaters, Bolshoi and Vaganova Ballet Academies.

I can invite some one who already coworked with me or invite any new dancer.
The majestic interiors of Imperial age and modern professional photostudios
Excellent locations. I shoot at theatres, photo studios and real interiors of
Saint Petersburg and Moscow. The environment can play an important role in complementing the photos.

Professional Art for your business

From far Russia, but so close to get.
Ballet Insider feat. Reebok
My collaboration with Russian Ballet Insider (first online magazine about ballet in Russia), ballerina Maria Khoreva (Vaganova Academy student) and Reebok Russia.
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Gainor Minden
Christmas collaboration with great manufacturer of point shoes Gainor Minden. Little magic story about little dancers and big dreams. Specially prepared for Christmas holidays.
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Case from Spain. That time when your client has said
"you can do everything you want, I absolutely trust you".

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Olga Lysova Dance wear shop
Special series for Moscow tutu master Olga Lysova. We invite two
soloists from Bolshoi Theatre. As result make a huge series of photos
with each tutu and the fashion character for any purposes, video for Instagram
and promotional video.
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It is really a little part of final work.
Zefir Ballet
Professional collaborate with my art project. That studio made special skirts and leotards for my #HouseBalletTales. And now use it for promote own products.
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My work get on NTV Russian federal television channel

Big Industry
Sometimes big industry like rail production systems need someone
how knew everything about ballet shooting
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I invite prima ballerina at the
Mikhailovsky Theatre
Ekaterina Borchenko
Catalog for new product series and allusions to the ballet bench and grace
Ballet Maniacs
Creative video for special "Russian" ballet clothes
Filmed inside of Hermitage Theatre with soloist.
I also make photos with they products at the Kremlin Gala
and at my commercial photoshoots.
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I buy a license for use of music, signing a contract with the models and places. Everything is absolutely legal for commercial use.

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